Plasterboard Fixing Services

Parttions Walls, Home Extensions, Loft Conversions

Plasterboard Fixing Services

Decorative cornice work, Partition walls, Expansions, Ceilings, Covering brick & block walls, Wall insulation, Coving, Arches & bulk heads


Reaka Construction have extensive experience in fixing plasterboard and studwork (wood or metal)to form interior partition walls and to create wall linings for extensions and loft conversions in residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Typically plasterboard and studwork is used for non-load bearing walls, partitions walls or perhaps to cover exterior wall surfaces in modern buildings, conversions or extensions. Today it is used more commonly used because it provides a faster, easier alternative to bricks or blocks as it's more cost effective solution.

Our team-members are skilled in installing a huge variety of plasterboards:

  1. Plain plasterboard
  2. Moisture Resistant Plasterboard (recommended for wet areas such as kitchens & bathrooms)
  3. SoundBloc Plasterboard (used for sound insulation- attic, acoustic rooms)
  4. Fireline Plasterboard (guarantee better fire protection)
  5. Duraline Plasterboard

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