Drylining Services Dublin

High Quality Drylining & Plastering Services in Dublin and throughout Ireland

Drylining Services

Affordable , professional drylining & plastering service in Dublin.


Reaka's Limited plastering and drylining business has gained a good reputation for superior, quality craftsmanship and fully dedication to client care. As drylining and plastering contractors, we operate throughout Ireland, and have plenty of experience in working with residential, commercial and industrial properties.

We deliver plastering and drylining services including:

  1. Traditional plastering
  2. Gypliner
  3. Dry lining
  4. Wall Insulation
  5. Grid ceilings
  6. Bulkheads, Coving, Arcades
  7. Suspended ceilings
  8. Column encasements
  9. Skimming
  10. Metal & Stud Partitions Walls

We’re committed to delivering our drylining and plastering services efficiently, safely, and sustainably, ensuring you receive the best possible service every time. If you’re looking for a reliable, high quality residential, commercial or industrial drylining & plastering contractor, please contact Reaka Limited on 087-7630544 or at office@reakaconstruction.com