Suspended Ceilings

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Suspended Ceilings

We specialise in Suspended Ceilings, Grid Ceilings and Office Partitions for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Premises.


Reaka Limited offers all types of suspended ceilings, grid ceilings and ceiling tiles. False or suspended ceilings are used where there is need to mask any cables, air conditioning & heating pipes, vents or wires. It plays an important aesthetic role within any business and also creates a comfortable working, learning, playing environment.

It can also help conceal concrete ceilings, sound proof rooms or just hide insulation wherever needed. At Reaka Limited we can offer you supply and instalation of high quality suspended ceilings at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a professional suspended & grid ceiling specialists in Dublin look no further than Reaka Limited. You can contact us on 087-7630544 or at office@reakaconstruction.com